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Rihanna // We Found Love [Music Video]

Here’s the video for Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’. Filmed in that infamous field in Bangor and mostly around my hometown of Belfast, the clip has surpassed my expectations of what can be done in the city.

The intensity Rihanna and her model boyfriend’s love is made clear throughout the video. With drugs and alcohol consuming their ecstasy filled lives, the video could easily be an episode of Skins. However their hedonistic lifestyle eventually takes a toll on them, as things go wrong and the intensity of their relationship eventually gets all too much. I wouldn’t be surprised it this was inspired by a certain relationship of Rihanna’s at all.

The imagery of the video is amazing. There’s grimy shots of Rihanna dancing on tables, burning rubber in a muscle car, getting intense with her boyfriend and acting spontaneous in various spots around Belfast. All this is juxtaposed with short clips of drugs and tape footage which add to the fast flowing nature of the video.

It’s surreal seeing Rihanna in various areas which I’d recognize. She even makes it down to a local chippy in the clip. However despite my bias, this is undoubtedly a great video. Filled with emotion, mood and great cinematography, the Melina directed clip is bound to be a highlight of the year. Check it out and let me know what you think of this great drugs awareness  music video.